Volunteer for one of our projects

Even if you have no experience; if you are passionate about helping; and keen to listen and learn you could be a great addition to our team.

Volunteering with the YMCA is a great way to share your skills, learn new skills and build new friendships – with the benefit of knowing that you’re making a contribution to your local community. Volunteering is also a great way to enhance your CV and job prospects.

There is a huge range of roles and opportunities of which the following are just a few:

  • Sports, exercise and fitness
  • Schools work
  • Holiday clubs
  • Youth work, including disability-specific
  • Residentials
  • Fundraising and publicity
  • Becoming a board/committee member

Why not have a look around What We Do and choose the project you would like to volunteer with and contact the Project Leader directly using the email or phone number on the project page.

If in doubt please contact us at myplace@ymcawhiterose.org.uk or on 01709 837428. You can contact us anytime from 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.