Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Year 5’s at Totley All Saints CofE Primary School are hosting an afternoon tea on 5th February to raise money for the Green Pastures charity who help the homeless. It will be on 5th February 2013 at 2:30 until 3:15, in the TASS school hall.

They will be selling cookies, biscuits, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and lots of other delicious treats! There will be bowls in the middle of the tables for extra donations if you want.

The Green Pastures help both students and adults in the UK who do not have a home. This helps them to get a job, which is also great because most jobs you need an address to have. Because of this, they can earn money to eventually get their own house.

This is a very good cause, so please help us by donating some money!!!

Holly Toombs, Y5 Pupil, Totley All Saints CofE Primary School