The story of YMCA White Rose

YMCA White Rose arose from a merger between Sheffield YMCA and Chantry YMCA. We offer a range of needs-led projects across Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield.

This YMCA began its work in 1855 and we currently provide a range of programmes and have a reputation for quality. We currently have approximately 40 project staff, a central team of 4 and a huge team of volunteers who make our work possible.

YMCA White Rose works to enable young people to grow to their full potential by providing a supportive and inclusive community through its various programmes and services.

The ethos of YMCA White Rose is:

  • An association based on the equal value of all persons
  • Respect and freedom for all
  • Acceptance and understanding between people of different opinions
  • Active concern for the needs of the community

YMCA White Rose seeks to:

  • Provide a welcome and a meeting place, where friendships can be made and counsel sought
  • Develop activities which stimulate and challenge members in an environment that enables them to take responsibility to find a sense of achievement
  • Create opportunities for exchanging views so that members can improve their understanding of the world, of themselves and of one another